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 I recently bumped into a wonderful book titled MOVIE PALACES, Survivors of an Elegant Era by Ave Pildas & Lucinda Smith. The book is in a large format to show off the many high quality color images of the wonderful picture palaces that were built in the prewar era. I have several such books and find this is one of the better ones, I recommend it.

Of particular note to the Hudson fan are these two photos of the curtain of the Raymond Theatre in Pasadena, CA. This theatre is listed in the Pasadena Heritage website as scheduled to be gutted, whatever that may mean. As you can see from the pics below, the curtain is unusual, probably even unique and should be preserved even if the poor theatre meets a sadder fate. The book Movie Palaces was originally published in 1980, and the photos would have to have been taken at some point prior to that, so the condition depicted is not necessarily the way it is now.

 This overall shot of the Raymond shows the curtain in place with a pipe organ consol right in front to give an idea of scale. Those consoles are huge, much bigger than a piano. What a magnificent hall!
 This detail shot shows the curtain with it's frame and decorative curtains painted or woven right on to the curtain. The top of the organ console give a bit of help in seeing just how big this curtain is. Is there a better word for this thing than "curtain?"

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